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Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Seamless Operations

At Tortel Maven Logistics Ltd (TML), we take pride in offering a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. With our extensive experience in the industry, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions that ensure seamless operations and efficient supply chain management. Explore our specialized services designed to meet the unique requirements of various sect

Bio-pharma Logistics
Our expertise in bio-pharma logistics allows us to handle the transportation of fragile, temperature-sensitive specimens, drugs, medical equipment, and related dangerous goods. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure the integrity and safety of your valuable cargo. From international shipping of biological substances to local transfers between study and research sites in Uganda, we have you covered. Our temperature-controlled solutions, ranging from frozen to ambient or refrigerated, ensure the preservation of product efficacy.
Dry Ice Supply
For industries such as airlines, pharmaceutical companies, food and dairy transportation, special effects for theater production, and dry ice blast cleaning, TML offers cost-effective and flexible dry ice delivery solutions. Our reliable supply and efficient delivery ensure that your operations run smoothly, with the necessary dry ice available whenever you need it.
Moving & Packing Services
Relocating can be a daunting task, but with TML's top-notch customer service and professionalism, your next move becomes stress-free. Our skilled team of movers is trained in extensive packing techniques to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your belongings. Whether you require local moving or international relocation, we have the expertise to handle it all. Let us take care of the logistics while you focus on settling into your new space.
At TML, we understand the importance of efficient distribution for manufacturers and resellers. Our dedicated team of specialists is experienced in managing product storage and distribution, helping you achieve savings and operational efficiencies. By incorporating our expertise into your operations, you can expect tangible benefits and streamlined supply chain processes.
Storage & Warehousing
Whether you need short-term or long-term storage services, TML offers customized packages to meet your specific requirements. Our secure warehousing facilities are equipped to handle various types of cargo, with tailored rates based on the specific handling and storage needs. You can trust us to safeguard your goods while ensuring easy accessibility whenever you need them.
Bio-medical Waste Management
TML recognizes the critical importance of proper bio-medical waste management. Our services ensure the safe handling and disposal of waste, reducing the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens and hospital-acquired infections. With our expertise, you can rest assured that bio-medical waste is managed without any adverse effects on human health and the environment.
Customs Savvy Services
Navigating customs procedures and global logistics can be challenging, but with TML's dedicated team of experts, you can minimize risk and maximize success. We excel in customs clearance, trade management, and global logistics, offering you comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements. As your partner, we understand your business and execute the best global strategies to ensure smooth operations and successful outcomes.
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Transport and Travel
At Tortel Maven Logistics (TML), we offer a dedicated Transport and Travel service that combines reliability, convenience, and comfort. Whether you need transportation for corporate events, airport transfers, sightseeing tours, or personalized travel experiences, we have you covered.
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